Multi-Tab Power Strip

Though hidden and usually neglected, a multi-tap is undoubtedly important and valuable product. It is because of this that Yanko Design came up with Multi-Tab Power Strip. Aside from its main task of allowing you to keep a track of your hooked up gadgets, it also looks great so you longer need to hide it on the floor. This also means no need not bend on your back anymore if you need to plug or unplug any gadget. All you need now is to place the Multi-Tab above your desk and you can easily put off the plug by simply tapping on each of the divided section.

This is such an innovative Multi-Tab when it comes to technology and visual. Unlike traditional units, it makes use of pictograms with energy-efficient LED lights, to assist you in tracking the products that are connected to the power. It also features assemble/disassemble technology which allows users to conveniently detach those tabs you do not need. You simply need to press or step on the tab and you can easily pull the tab off the power.

With the Multi-Tab Power Strip, you can purchase just the number of tabs you need, so it isn’t just practical, it is easy to handle and very cost-effective as well. The purpose of such design is to uphold a user-friendly interface. True, this is designed with the user’s convenience and satisfaction in mind. Actually, you can even place a sticker on the tabs and you can put together a collection of tabs depending on your needs and preferences.

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