MSI Wind Top AE2420 All-in-One (AIO) PC

There is a trend of having clean looking computers as people demand more stylish designs. But consumers want lean power with their stylish rig. All-in-One computers offer high performance at a sleek and praiseworthy design. There is Lenovo with their A600 but MSI wants to be part of the game by offering performance plus 3D feature.

The AE2420 and AE2280 are almost similar computers with the former having a 24″ screen and the latter having 22″. The two computers are the first in MSI’s all-in-one PC line to offer the latest Intel Core i3,i5, and i7 processors to support resource heavy applications. With Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, you can even push your system farther with just a little tweaking. This way, you can easily boost your system when you need to run sophisticated games or graphics intensive multimedia.

The AE2420 features a 24″ full 1080p high definition 3D screen combined with multi-touch. This makes the AE2420 the first and largest 3D screen in an all-in-one PC. You just need to wear some 3D glasses so you can enjoy 3D entertainment right in your home. The entertainment experience isn’t complete without sounds where the AE2420 didn’t fail to deliver. There is a built-in 10watt hi-fi speaker that is almost similar to what 32″ flat screen TVs have. Plus, MSI’s Premium Sound Technology automatically adjusts the sound levels of a movie when watching at 1080p.

There is no word yet with regards to pricing since it is still to be launched in the market. Though you can catch MSI Wind Top AIO PCs at the CeBIT annual tradeshow in Germany.

You can view other MSI all-in-one computers here.

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