MSI P600 Laptop for Business Users

A new laptop has been released by MSI aimed at business users.

The MSI P600 has an Intel Core i5 processor that gives the user ultimate computing capability and be able to run multiple applications. This enables productivity where it is needed most like having lots of tabs open on the browser while having spreadsheets, documents, and presentations going on the background at the same time. Being a full breed laptop, a DVD Super-Multi drive is available for easy data writing whenever necessary or even for some movies while on the go. The 15.6″ screen is perfect for viewing two pages of documents at the same time or having a longer area to see all the data in the spread sheet. The screen uses LED which gives it a perfect image clarity that would also be good for movies or photos. Though being a powerhouse in different departments, the P600 maintains power with the 8cell battery that would approximately last 8 hours. Still, the laptop weighs at 2.4kg which is just right for the laptop this size.

For the protection of the files like keeping some top secret strategy, there is EasyFace and a fingerprint reader. The EasyFace software stores several images of the user which serves as the key to open files. As an added security, the fingerprint reader can substitute for username and password for your data encryption.

There is no dedicated video card on board due to the nature of the target customer. However, the integrated GPU will still be sufficient to  play 1080p videos and some graphics application.

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