MSI FX600MX Notebook – Something Naughty and Nice

With the ever increasing petroleum and gas cost, it’s no wonder people are clamoring for more fuel efficient cars and even hybrids. Electricity doesn’t come cheap but computer geeks need not fret for MSI already unveiled their new FX600MX notebook. This new notebook features an energy efficient 15.6-inch High Definition LED backlit screen optimized to a cinema-class 16:9 aspect ratio and a powerful Intel i5 or i3 processor. It also has two GPU; one is a low-power integrated graphics chip that’s pretty much useful for performing day to day general word processing tasks or surfing the web and a considerably beefier 512MB nVidia GeForce 310M discrete GPU that kicks in when the FX600MX is hard pressed with graphics intensive applications like an afterwork LAN party. Thanks to MSI’s exclusive GPU Boost technology, the GPU switch is done automatically whenever the system needs the extra processing power. To take advantage of GeForce 310M’s power, MSI incorporated its own Cinema Pro technology to the FX600MX to deliver higher resolution and richer colors to your movies with just a touch of the Cinema Pro hotkey.

MSI didn’t slack off on the FX600MX’s craftmanship either, it’s protected by a jet black casing reinforced by a scratch and smudge resistant non-peeling raised totem seal coating. To add a dash of class, it also comes with an MSI glowing platinum logo, a soft raised diamond coated wrist rest, a chrome encircled power button with beautiful cold luminescent blue lights, platinum trimmed speakers and body, solid chic keyboard, raised multipoint touchpad and a hotkey zone with a brush metal finish.

Check out MSI FX600MX here.

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