MoviePeg – The Pefect Stand for Your iPhone

Since almost all iPhone users watch movies and use the mobile device as a gadget for displaying time or even recipe, getting the perfect iPhone position could be tricky. Of course iPhone is flat so you need something to support it so as not to let it slip off the desk. If you’re tired of getting a mug or statuette just to hold up your iPhone while watching then it’s time to reward yourself with a MoviePeg. This latest addition to iPhone accessories measures just 5.7 x 3.5 x 1 cm (whole unit) with 1.7 cm depth and 1.3 cm width gap sizes, beating your previous ingenuities.

Designed for use on iPhones or any fitted slim sized media devices, the MoviePeg is the ideal sidekick of your hands. This latest tool is a hands-free support or stand while you watch favorite movies or view images on your iPhone. It allows you to position the mobile device either in landscape or portrait mode. Aside from helping you enjoy watching media files or reading articles, the iPhone can also be used as an instant clock display or alarm clock through the MoviePeg. Comforting isn’t it? You do not have to frequently adjust the iPhone in a perfect viewing position or tediously get a hold of it using your own hands while watching.

The MoviePeg is available in colors of pink, black, green, or blue and is recommended for use by 5 years old and above.

Relax your hands and get a MoviePeg now!

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