Motorola S10-HD: Your On-The-Go Headset

Music has already come to play a great role in our life, so much so that we often incorporate music in many of our daily activities. And when it comes to our tough, on-the-go adventures, we all need a music companion that won’t back down despite all the sweat, literally and figuratively speaking. The Motorola S10-HD is designed to be such – a good music buddy in our daily adventures.

The primary feature of the S10-HD is its sweat-proof design. It’s expertly engineered for people with an active lifestyle, those who engage in various physical activities like your daily gym sessions. Typical headsets will not withstand these instances because they’re easily damaged by moisture. This headset from Motorola is different. From materials to construction, everything is aimed at resisting moisture-caused damage. The S10-HD is crafted from top-of-the-line materials like hydrophobic acoustic mesh. Silicone seals are also used to protect the device’s electrical components from sweat. When it comes to design, you’ll find co-molded buttons and a waterproof plug used to mold the micro-USB charging cover to the device.

The Motorola S10-HD promotes clear sound even outdoors with its redesigned back housing. It also fits well and looks well, thanks to its extra ear cushions. And, the device offers a discreet appearance because of its angled wraparound design. Add in the automatic pause feature every time a call comes in, user-friendly buttons, 8 hours of play time, and 9 hours of talk time, and you’re sure to have all the fun.

Watch out for the Motorola S10-HD or check other headsets by Motorola at Amazon!

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