Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak Headset: On-the-Road to Safety Using Text-To-Speech Technology

Imagine the large number of road accidents that happen every year and using the mobile phone while driving contributes to that. That’s why Bluetooth technology is popularly known nowadays to reduce or somehow avoid hands-on usage on mobile phones while driving on the thoroughfare. When it comes to Bluetooth technology, one company makes it name for being the leader in producing Bluetooth headsets, Motorola. This time, a new product called the H17txt with MotoSpeak will definitely advance the power of Bluetooth connectivity and promote responsible driving.

The Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak headset works by converting the text message to voice message so there’s no need to check your mobile phone and read it. Simply download the text-speech application on your mobile device and pair it with the MotoSpeak headset and then comes notable features in your own expediency. These include auto-response message that gives you the option of either sending an automated text message when someone is calling and notifying them that you are driving and will just call back or selecting your personalized message. Additionally, aside from hearing the text message every time the MotoSpeak is activated, you will be informed of who in your phonebook is trying to text you. The H17txt with MotoSpeak can even translate 150 acronyms so you’ll always get the idea when hearing the text messages. You can also enjoy listening to music, streaming media, videos, and games without the need to use your hands and keep your attention off the road.

You can purchase the Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak headset at Verizon Wireless Communications stores or online. Might as well check out a Motorola H17 here.

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