Motorola ES400S with Access to the Sprint 3G Network

If you’ve been searching for a mobile phone with enterprise-class barcode reader capabilities, superior ruggedness, built-in Biometric finger swipe security, customizable enterprise user interface, and access to the Sprint 3G network, your search is over. With the introduction of the Motorola ES400S by Sprint, you now have a secure and rugged device that’s capable of meeting your business demands so you can get your job done well even within just a short period of time. This device comes with integrated voice and data capabilities that can help unleash the maximum potentials of mobile professionals like you.

The Motorola ES400S takes pride in being the company’s first enterprise handheld device that’s carrier-branded, stocked, and offered to businesses of all sizes via Sprint sales channels. Built with the users in mind, this device is outfitted with Windows Embedded Handheld technologies such as Windows Mobile 6.5.3 platform for seamless connectivity, application compatibility and support for modern security and device management mobility needs, application mobility and support for industry-specific applications, plus the familiarity of a desktop with a responsive and customizable user interface for speedy access to crucial apps.

Among the notable features of the ES400S are:

• Customizable Motorola Enterprise User Interface
• Enterprise-class security including built-in Biometric fingerprint reader
• Durably built to withstand drops, dust, and bumps
• 3-inch VGA touchscreen
• 3.2MP camera with red line aimer for easy barcode scanning and one-button push-to-scan for one- and two-dimensional barcode reading
• 1GB ROM/ 256MB RAM

The Motorola ES400S has many other features you sure will love. It will be available in the market by the end of October. If your dealer doesn’t have it yet, you can check out the long list of Motorola rugged phones at Amazon.

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