MOTOROLA ES400 – Your Enterprise Digital Assistant

We’re now living in an era when important information is disseminated across several gadgets. So if you want to be ‘in’, get yourself a Motorola ES400. This is a state-of-the-art mobile Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) that enables mobile managers and their workforce to be not just informed but also accurately empowered by providing them with the necessary tools as well as access to important enterprise-class applications needed to get the job done well no matter where they are. Instead of giving information to your workforce, why not supply them with the things they need to be able to take action especially in front of your customers.

Through the Motorola ES400, your mobile workers will be able to take videos, photos, documents, and barcodes right away so they will never miss an important scene. Best is, it enables you to get real-time access to crucial backend systems as well as the ability to interact with various applications that offer the most up to date information and allows updates. It also comes with 600MHz processor and a micro-SD card slot supporting up to 32GB of extra memory.

The ES400 also takes pride in being equipped with an industry first dual 3.5G broadband WAN that connects both to CDMA and GSM networks. You can also enjoy a customizable user interface that can be tailored for the enterprise. With this, you can put the functions and applications you need just exactly right at your fingertips. This means easier and faster access to the things that are really necessary. Check this out along with other products like  Motorola Windows mobile at Amazon.

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Motorola Symbol ES400 ES405B-0AE2 Smartphone Barcode Scanner Clean ESN (Z3E)
Motorola Symbol ES400 ES405B-0...
Motorola E series ES400S - 1GB - Black (Sprint) Smartphone ES405B Scanner Phone
Motorola E series ES400S - 1GB...
Motorola Symbol ES400 ES405B-0AE2 Smartphone Barcode Scanner Clean ESN (Z3E)
Motorola Symbol ES400 ES405B-0...

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