MotorMOUTH II Plug and Play Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit and Streaming Audio Receiver

One of the worries among enterprising people on the move is the fact that it can be problematic doing business on the road. For example, making phone calls is quite tricky since you have to balance your attention maneuvering the steering wheel and holding your mobile phone. Yes, it’s not right making phone calls while on the road. But for people on the go, this has become a necessity. Now it’s time to forget about your worries and difficulties. Scosche Industries, the leading provider of iPhone and iPad accessories, has added another revolutionary product that will change the way people communicate while on the road. Enter MotorMOUTH II Plug and Play Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit and Streaming Audio Receiver. You just have to plug this device to your car’s MP3/AUX input and you can already experience hands-free phone conversations through the speakers.

It is important that the multi-function button be pressed first and then wait for the blinking blue LED, the sign that the devices have already been paired. Once paired, you can then dial from the phone. Or, you have the option to press the button to initiate voice dialing. And while there’s a common concern that phone calls made from inside the car are usually garbled and inconsistent, this is not the case with MotorMOUTH II Plug and Play Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit and Streaming Audio Receiver. You can expect crystal clear connection, thanks to its DSP echo cancellation technology. The product also comes complete with the Y adapter for the music lover in you, as audio will be streamed coming from an A2D2 device.

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