Moshi Voice Activated Alarm Clock: Your New Talking Alarm Clock Buddy

One of the things you normally see and have in a house is a clock – sometimes same old boring alarm clocks. It’s because you always need something to wake you up (aside from the good morning lick of your dog) or show you the time. That’s why there are a lot of clock varieties out there to choose from – changing colors, large-sized, clocks in different characters, touch-sensitive, and many more. But have you ever seen a clock that talks? No, not just the one that tells you the time but a clock that can answer back to you!

Meet Moshi, the new range of alarm clocks that can listen and talk to you. That means Moshi clock can understand and respond to commands you say. Getting sluggish to see the time? Ask Moshi what time it is and it will tell you the time. Want to tell Moshi what time it is? It will follow you and set the clock’s time! Just like any other clocks, Moshi can also change its color but in a voice command as well. Simply say “Hello, Moshi” and it turns to a different color to complement the color you want. Other features controlled by voice-commands include setting and turning off the alarm, night-light, play sleep-sound, and more. Additionally, it can tell you the temperature aside from announcing the date and time.

To enjoy the fun with Moshi, the series comes in two versions, one for desktop use and the other for travel. The desktop version functions by AC/DC power with 3 AAA battery backup while travel model operates on 3 AAA batteries. Batteries are not included in both packages but that doesn’t spoil the fun, right?

Get Moshi Voice-Activated Talking Alarm Clock – Full Original Size here.

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