moodINQ Lets You Be Your Own Tattoo Artist

It comes a time in a person’s life where he/she wants to have some body modifications done. By body modification, I mean getting piercings or having a tattoo. It is a fact of life though that there is discrimination against people who have these, but you cannot let your self expression be watered down! What you can do is have this new tattoo concept of moodINQ.

The moodINQ is a programmable tattoo system that allows you to have a tattoo having the design that you want when you want it. It is just like a tattoo sleeve with the option to choose any design and remove it anytime. You just have to get an e-ink grid done on your skin by the company’s partners in the cosmetic industry.  The grid placement can depend on your preference – either on your arms, lower back, shoulders, etc. After about 2-3 days of healing period from the canvass implant, you can now put any design that you want. You just have to run the moodINQ wand over the canvass area and the design would already appear. You can get the classic “mom” tattoo or probably get that tramp stamp that you wanted ever since. When you are going to a trip at your parents’ home, you can easily remove the design using the wand and your skin will be back like it was before. Just choose a new design and run the tattoo over to have your tattoo back.

Each kit includes the moodINQ wand, computer software (Mac and PC), and a 2 year membership to moodINQ’s tattoo art database. The e-ink canvass implant is separate from this purchase and price depends on the size and placement.

Get the tattoo that you want without commitments using moodINQ!

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