Monster Beatbox by Dr. Dre – Party Anywhere

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre premium headsets just got a new brother – a way bigger and louder sound monster. Introducing the new Beatbox speakers and iPod dock by Dr. Dre, a compact and portable multi-speaker club system designed to deliver heart thumping bass, abundant midrange and thrilling highs. With the new Beatbox, you can share the oomph of your hip-hop, the grit of rock and roll, the smooth details of jazz and even the complex feel of symphony through your iPod. Beatbox can easily recreate the club experience anytime by filling entire rooms with sound so powerful you can’t but help feel it; it’s basically a portable music club and party in one that you can just place in a corner and let loose. Don’t mind the size of this little monster; it’s one of those that you have to hear to believe, Beatbox reaches incredible volumes without the need for huge speakers and amplifiers. Underneath the compact box are two 5.25-inch bass drivers and 2-inch high-frequency drivers to reproduce a wide array of sound.

It is enclosed in a sturdy ABS housing with a minimalist black-on-black color scheme, silicon rubber controllers and feet, and an integrated carrying handle. The unit can accommodate iPods and iPhones thru a top-mounted docking port. It comes with a multi-purpose remote that controls the power and volume of the Beatbox and iPhone/iPod, the remote also includes fast reverse and fast forward. When you dock your iPod or iPhone, even if you put the volume on maximum, Beatbox automatically regulates the sound to prevent startles. Other features are LED indicators and visible volume bar.

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