MiniPAK Portable Charger: The Perfect Charger for People on the Go

With the fast pace of life that most people experience today, it’s very important to have all a person needs available within his reach. This is especially true when it comes to the gadgets that individuals use daily – from mobile phones to MP3 players and even GPS systems. Modern individuals don’t have the patience to put up with hassles like empty batteries, and many people often worry about dead cellular phones and other gadgets. For these individuals, the new MiniPAK portable charger is perfect.

As its name implies, the MiniPAK charger is mini or small. It is the size of a person’s palm, so it’s very handy and easy to carry with you anywhere you go. It’s also a universal charger. Meaning, it can charge a wide array of devices: phones, MP3s, handheld GPS systems, gaming devices, tablet computers, and even small lighting components. The device comes with a couple of refillable hydrogen cartridges and can provide 2W of power continuously. Each cartridge is comparable to a thousand of AA batteries. Power is transferred to the charged device via a micro-USB port.

Although there are already similar portable fuel cells being offered in the market today, the MiniPAK charger stands out because it is so far the least expensive. Because of its being easy to use, its portability, its universality, and efficiency, this charger is a welcome innovation for people with lots of gadgets to charge while on the go. It is already offered in the market for only $99.

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