Microsoft LifeCam VX-300 – Lets You Share Real Moments in Real Time

Whether you’re at home or on the go, it pays a lot if you share life with your loved ones as it happens. That’s way too easy with the Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000. This webcam is designed to take instant messaging with family and friends to a new height of sight and sound. It offers superior video quality and high-definition still photos so you sure will enjoy talking to your loved ones without wondering what his or her reaction is to everything you’re saying.

The great thing about this webcam is, it is compatible with all leading instant messaging software today. This means, you’ll find it so simple and fun to use. With automatic face tracking software and video effects, you can get great video quality. Yes, with its 640 x 480 pixel video resolution, you can clearly see the smiles of the person you’re talking to. To start a video call, all you need is to press the Windows Live Call Button. It also offers one-touch blogging, allowing you to upload your blog on Windows Live Spaces along with any of your photos in just a few mouse clicks.

If you want to capture the big picture, then just pan, tilt, and zoom the webcam. You have more room to move because it features a long, flexible, six-foot cable. To ensure smooth and seamless video images, this device allows you to capture up to 30 frames per second. Crystal clear audio is also promised as the Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 (68A-00001) features automatic audio control to improve clarity. Get it at Amazon now.

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