Maxsa Solar Motion – Act Wedge Light

If you keep fumbling for your keys because your home’s entrance area is poorly lit or dark, then you need to act fast. It isn’t safe for you to be out there for long without a security light on. Why? Because a pair of eyes may be on the lookout, just waiting for the right time to attack. So, before you endanger yourself or anyone you know because of your poorly lit entrance, better equip your home now with the Maxsa Solar Motion – Act Wedge Light.

Featuring a bright white LED light, this product from Maxsa effectively lights the entrance of your home so it will be a lot easier for you to find those keys when you arrive late at night. Sometimes, you do feel nervous when it’s dark outside of your home and you can’t find the keys at once right? So, for quick access to your home, especially during late night, this security light is a must.

But hey, there’s more to this device aside from being a security light! It is also a solar powered light, which means low energy costs for you and better impact on the environment. Simply mount it near your home entrance and it will automatically draw free power from the sun through its built-in solar panel. Once charged, it can already detect motion within 100 degrees and up to 22 feet away, lighting your way for 4 minutes.

Securing your home entrance and being environmental friendly at the same time is possible with the Maxsa Solar Motion – Act Wedge Light. So, take advantage of this product now!

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