Mathmos Wind Lights

What does UFO have in common? Size? Design? Or those cool light effects that make you wonder how on galaxy were they able to think of putting lots of blinking lights on their ship. You don’t need to live in a galaxy far far away to have those cool blinking lights since you can have them installed right in your home. You could place red and blue lights in your garden or to any outdoor fixtures to make the ambiance UFOish. You can also set them to blink once in a while just for the added effect. But to be eco-friendly, one cool solution is to harness the wind for your lights.

Why wind? Well because it doesn’t get affected if it is night or day unlike solar power. Wind just breezes, always available and moving every now and then. If your concern is that your area don’t get much wind movement, don’t worry since you don’t need gale force winds to power the Mathmos Wind Lights. This cool little light gadget easily lights up even with a puff of air. Much like a pinwheel, the wind forces the fan to rotate which produces electricity to light up the LED. You could just stick it to the ground or plants and wait for the wind to blow and watch as your decorations come to life. You can even put this on your window sill and work as wind indicator.

Available in red and blue, you can get one here.

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