Mastering Golf with SensoGlove

Success in every game of golf is determined by the distance that the ball travels and the precision by which you swing the ball. Every golf pro can tell that this is largely determined by your grip of the club. The tighter the grip, the shorter the distance that the ball travels. Therefore, the goal is to keep the pressure of your grip just at the right level. This is the prevailing idea between the innovation called SensoGlove.

This is just like the normal glove that you use when playing golf – it’s similar in feel and in design. However, this is more advanced and comes with a specialized purpose. It is incorporated with four small sensors designed to monitor the pressure of your grip on the golf club, and provide you feedback (audio) when your grip becomes too tight. The monitoring happens throughout the grip, and feedback is provided right at the instant when too much pressure is sensed. This way, you know just when you need to lighten up. The SensoGlove comes with a monitor that allows you to dial in your desired pressure (from 1 to 18). It will display your chosen pressure and will alert you when you exceed that level.

Another great thing about the SensoGlove is that you can use it anywhere – whether during practice or during an actual game. The computer is also removable, so you can use the device in whatever golf game, with or without the computer. With this glove available, it’s easy to master the secret behind a perfect and accurate swing.

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