Mamiya DM33, DM40, & DM56 for Professional Photographers Out There

Looking forward to a career in professional photography? Well, Mamiya has done something to help you achieve that dream. Mamiya has partnered with world leaders in professional photography to provide you with new and excellent professional digital cameras. By bringing together Schneider, Phase One, and Leaf, Mamiya was able to produce the DM33, DM40, and DM56. These cameras are all made to deliver the highest possible image quality in any photography situation.

The new Mamiya digital cameras feature 33, 40, and 56 megapixel sensors that are precision-matched with the greatest optics results in delicately detailed image files, even those that are cropped harshly. These big sensors are matched with luxuriant 16bit/channel color palette to deliver great color accuracy and rich, high-dynamic range images in a single capture. The DM33, DM40, and DM56 are outfitted with the new “DF” camera-core technology which is developed by Mamiya. Such technology allows users to choose between two shutter systems – leaf or focal plane.

For difficult daylight situations, the photographer can use the leaf-shuttered lenses which are designed by Schneider. Such lenses deliver predictable high speed flash synchronization to overpower the bright ambient light. On conventional settings, on the other hand, you can employ one of the Mamiya optics, which are made for use in the cameras’ ‘focal plane’ shutter system.

Also, Mamiya provides users with flexibility of processing files by including software solutions such as Capture One by Phase One or Leaf Capture or Adobe Lightroom, which is offered as an option.

Should you need a Mamiya digital camera, get the Mamiya DL33 Digital Camera System with 33 megapixel resolution now at Amazon.

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