Make Kids Education on the Go using Rugged CTL 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL2

They say youth is the hope of our nation. This same wise saying is what Intel believes in that’s why the company is very active investing on tools for kids’ education. After the big accomplishment achieved by Intel Learning Series clamshell and convertible classmate PCs, they now add another member of Learning Series PCs. The latest addition is the rugged convertible classmate PC perfect for school children across the globe.

Just like the previous Intel educational PCs, the rugged CTL 2go convertible classmate PC NL2 design is supported by local computer manufacturers. It demonstrates the outcome when beauty and ruggedness fuse in. The 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL2 features improved e-learning capabilities, energy efficiency, full PC functionality, and micro-mobility. Powered by Intel Atom processor, it is guaranteed to be tough and is designed for kids so it is not easily susceptible. It has 10.1-inch LCD monitor and larger memory capacity to allow running of other applications that aids the learning process of students. It also has water-resistant keyboard, touch-screen with a user interface ideal for eReading applications, bump and scratch resistance surfaces and structures, as well as an optional anti-microbial keyboard. Another notable feature of the rugged convertible PC is that it can be instantly switched from clamshell to a tablet PC. When the PC is in tablet mode, students can freely draw or write ignoring unnecessary touch of hands on screen thanks to the integrated palm rejection technology.

The Rugged Convertible Classmate PC uses a rechargeable battery that has a battery life of up to 8.5 hours. Getting in touch online is also supported by the device using the built-in wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi including options of 3G, GPS and WiMAX.

You can also check out a CTL 2goPC NL2 10 here.

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