Maingear Shift Personal Supercomputer

Something that a computer enthusiast would always dreamt of having is a supercomputer. Though owning one somewhat feels impossible due to the fact that you might need to be in a secret government agency or a big evil corporation that wants to take over the world. But if owning a PC with raw power will suit you, come take a look at the Maingear Shift.

One look and the casing exudes power and authority. The body uses metal on the frame and aluminum everywhere else. This makes a balance between strength, lightness, and heat dissipation. You will get the computer absolutely free of bloatware that makes your computer sluggish even right after purchase. These could be those trial software that you never get to use actually or some flashy software that are just inefficient. There is also Windows 7 built-in that people say the best Windows ever without the problems that its predecessors had.

Intel i7 980x processor can be used or an Intel Xeon. Yeah, you can use a processor designed for multi-user interface all by yourself with the power at your disposal. The GPU can be a choice of an Nvidia or an ATI, both containing the latest technology that can handle any eye candy game or application you throw at it. Kingston’s HyperX memory delivers DDR3 performance at 2000MHz that totally eliminates all the bottlenecks in your PC.

What Maingear promises for after sales service is the Angelic Service. They basically commit that they won’t oversell you, recommend what you really have to buy or not, replace a part that has at least the same performance, etc.

See the Intel Core i7 980x.

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