Magic Trackpad: Easy Wireless Computer Interaction

Your computer mouse sure makes your desktop works easier. Admit it, though, the mouse has a lot of limitations. For one, its efficiency depends on the surface into which it is parked. The wrong surface can render the mouse non-functional. And two, its cable dictates just where you can place the mouse. At other instances, this can be a hassle. Well, if you have a Mac computer, Apple has introduced the solution to your dilemma – the Magic Trackpad!

The Magid Trackpad is the biggest multi-touch trackpad today. It’s stylish, wireless, and it makes interaction with your computer easier and more customized – just the perfect substitute to a traditional computer mouse. First, it has a sculpted aluminum design that makes it the perfect complement to Apple’s wireless keyboard. It features a sleek, wear-resistant glass surface that makes using it more pleasurable. Second, it does away with your traditional cable with its wireless technology. It works using Bluetooth and can function efficiently as far as 33 feet away from your computer. So, you can position it anywhere you like. The device also features an on-off switch, and it can detect when you’re not using it, helping to conserve on battery. Lastly, it allows you to do a whole lot of things with its big shape. Clicking, scrolling, swiping, rotating, and more – all these are easy with the Magid Trackpad. You can customize the device as it allows you to enable and disable gestures or commands as you like through its System Preferences.

You’ll find a wide range of Apple mouse at Amazon, but the Magic Trackpad is by far the most advance of the lot.

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