Magic Missile and Fireball Soaps

When you take a shower, are you particular with the soap you use? You see, just like in choosing cool gadgets, people have different preferences when it comes to the soap they use. Some prefer those with moisturizing content while others go for germicidal. There are also a few that chooses those with whitening ingredients, to achieve not just smoother skin but also whiter complexion. But aside from the ingredients, people’s soap choices also vary according to design. Yes, it’s true! Some people find it more fun to take a shower when their soaps do not look like the usual just like these Magic Missile and Fireball Soaps.

The Magic Missile and Fireball Soaps are two geeky soaps that are half sphere in shape so you can let them sit better on your bathroom shelf. They also come in two different colors, one is red while the other is blue. The Blue Magic Missile is perfect for those who love the scent of cherry, vanilla, and lime while the Red Fireball is designed for those who love the delicious tangerine scent. Both soaps weigh approximately 4 oz. and have an embedded d20. So after you’ve consumed both, you’ll get a really nice pair of d20s without the fuss.

Now, if you’re not into soaps, you can always give these items as gifts. They only cost about $9.99 so no worries about your budget. Get the Magic Missile and Fireball Soaps now!

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