Magic Globes – They’re Not Just Educational, They’re Pretty Too!

When you go inside the history room, what’s the first thing you notice? Globes, right? Maps are everywhere too, but they are not as fascinating as the globes. And so, if you visit some homes, you will notice that they use globes too. It’s simply because they’re not only educational, but they’re really pretty too. Unlike the usual maps, these globes move with the touch of your hands, which makes them more exciting. But why use your hands if you can get a set of globes that does not require one? Yes, there’s nothing like the Magic Globes, so you better check them out!

The Magic Globes differ from the ordinary globes in such a way that they actually revolve constantly, without the need to spin them with your hands. They complete a full revolution every 18 seconds, as long as the battery is working (by the way, you only need one AA battery for one globe). Now, if you want to change their direction, all you need to do is to press down on the top of the globe until the motor stops. In no time, you will see that it will revolve again in totally different direction.

These Magic Globes really make cool additions to any home. Kids will certainly learn from them and adults will just love the added style for their already stylish homes. If you want to get one, just choose from either the classic version or the geographical version. Either way, each version comes with crystal-esque stand for extra looks.

Order the Magic Globes now!

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