Mac OS X Near You by Summer 2011

Mac to iPhone to iPad; now its back to Mac—the Mac OS X!

What’s in store for you? The revolutionary Mac OS X is going to take you to the nearest Mac store, thru your fingertips, with the Mac App Store. Just like the way it is with iPad, huh? This time, right in your Mac! One click and your app is downloaded and installed just like that. Then, you also get the Launch pad. This gives you the easiest access to all the apps you have downloaded and installed in your Mac. Again, just like in the iPad. Click the Launch Pad icon and the current window fades away for the available apps’ full-screen display. Group and re-group the apps to your liking in just a swipe and you’re done! You can also click on an app for full display, iPad-like move.

The Mac OS X is not at all an imitation of the iPad. In fact, it also has a new feature in it called the Mission Control. This is the command central of the Mac that allows you to see in bird’s eye-view everything included in your Mac. All you have to do is swipe and there you get to see the apps you have opened, the dashboard, and other spaces. It can be in group, thumbnail, or in full-screen.

With all these top features from the Mac OS X, would you miss its launch? By the way, this is an early sneak peek and initially, it is supposed to be out in the market by summer of 2011.

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