Lost in Translation? Get a Dixau DX3 Electronic Dictionary

Do you fumble in getting your words right? Are you not sure whether to roll in laughter or go on berserk rampage when somebody calls you repugnant and vexatious? Then it is time to send in the cavalry, reinforce your vocabulary with the help of Dixau DX3 Electronic Dictionary. This pocket-sized digital dictionary can let you look up any words with just a touch of screen and a click of a button. Hardbound dictionaries are just too large to keep around you and concise paperback ones are sometimes too concise.

The DX3 is the perfect portable English study aid; it crammed all the contents of volumes and volumes of dictionary, from A-Z and every possible letter thereafter, into one concise digital product. Taking a European tour? Don’t worry; the DX3 is available in 4 languages – English, Spanish, French and German. You can even hear the contents spoken in a native speaker’s tongue. If you’re not looking up a word, the DX can also serve as a multimedia player. With the DX3, not only you’ll get a dictionary but a music player and a video player as well.

The DX3’s ARM 926 processor, 1GB built-in NAND flash memory and 128 SDRAM is not exactly at par with popular multimedia player but remember, this is an electronic dictionary. And for that purpose, those specified specs are enough. The interface is simple and really easy to use plus the 320 x 240 touch panel LCD makes navigation of this device a breeze.

Can’t find the words or meaning you’re looking for? Click here for more electronic dictionaries.

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