Logitech G700 Mouse: Gaming Comfort, Precision, and Control

Precision – this is key when it comes to the design of the modern gaming mouse. Logitech has introduced its newest computer mouse designed for gaming, and it’s got wonderful features that ensure 100% precision. The Logitech G700 is ideal for extreme gamers out there.

The G700 is designed for comfort and control. It features 13 buttons that are carefully sculpted into the mouse. You can easily identify them by touch, so you can use them as needed without any problem. The buttons are also programmable to perform either single actions or complex macros. Therefore, you can tailor them to your gaming needs. Shaped to fit your hands, it will ensure that you remain comfortable even after hours of playing. More appealing to note is the device’s full-speed wireless connection with 1000 reports per minute. If you couple all these with the mouse’s ability to glide effortlessly across whatever surface (thanks to its polytetrafluoroethylene feet), its game-changing precision (courtesy of its gaming-grade laser), and its ability to allow you to play on other computers (via its onboard memory profile, you’ll get the most fun out of your games. And lastly, the mouse comes with a quick connect cable that you can plug quickly whenever the battery gets low – you can continue the action without waiting for the mouse to be fully charged!

The Logitech G700 will be offered for $99.99. Right now, it’s only available by pre-order. If you want a similar mouse for your gaming experience, you’ll also find a wide array of Logitech Gaming Mouse at Amazon.

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