Livescribe Echo Smartpen – Mightier Than Any Other Pen

Ever wished your phone would do more than just write? Then wish no more, introducing the new Livescribe Echo Smartpen, a pen that can almost do it all for you, well except your laundries and barbeque. It’s definitely an impressive upgrade on the older Livescribe Pulse. They changed the shape of the pen so that it now fits more ergonomically in the hand and it has a flat edge so that it won’t roll off the table – something every pen does irritatingly every now and then.

The Echo is lighter too and more balanced. It features a rubberized grip and anti-roll surface. It’s also offered with the biggest capacity ever – up to a whooping 8GB! Livescribe has also made charging the Echo more convenient with a micro-USB connector, and the Echo now has a more common 3.5mm audio jack so that you can outfit it with any headset of your choice. The freaky thing is that it will remember everything you write and hear. You’ll also be able to digitally upload your entire note taking straight on to your Mac or Windows computer. Livescribe takes it a notch further and syncs all of the recorded audio to your handwritten notes. Lightly tap any note with your pen and hear what was being said at that exact moment of writing. Livescribe Pen has a built in microphone, speaker, headphone jack, OLED screen, USB connector, and flash memory.
Package includes:

• Dot paper starter notebook
• Micro USB cable
• User Guide
• Smartpen Tips and Tricks
• 2 ink cartridges
• 2 Smartpen caps

Purchase Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen here.

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