Listen as Myth Comes to Life with Mythos XTR-50 Wall Speakers

You don’t fit an off-road mountain climbing H1 Hummer with 14-inch street wheels or a city driving Smart Fortwo with a monstrous 18-inch polished chrome plated rugged aluminum rims. It’s the same with your new ultra-thin plasma TV’s, LCDs, and LEDs – you don’t pair them with a non-matching bulky home entertainment speakers. If you’re going to settle with those large and outsized speakers, you might as well buy a CRT TV, a larger space and get the dreadful asymmetrical aesthetics over with.
Now, if you want a perfect match for your new flat screen TV and save precious along the way, then look none other than the new slim Mythos XTR-50 wall speakers. How flat is your flat screen? 2, 1.5 or even under an inch? No matter how thin your monitor is, the Mythos XTR-50 will complement it perfectly, features a bow shaped design that only measures 1.5-inch from the apex to the wall. The knife-edged sides are even thinner at hairs-width under an inch.

How the Mythos XTR-50 performs is where all the fun really starts. It features a dynamic and ultra realistic sound enough to rival and outdo full sized speakers. Their secret is their proprietary XTDD all aluminum dome drivers successfully engineered to fit in such compact and thin space. The XTR-50 is rigged with four anodized aluminum bass radiators, center mounted pure aluminum dome tweeter, aluminum enclosure reinforced with stiffening ribs and channels for zero-resonance, and a heat dissipating rear-mounted magnets. The end package is a 100% unequaled, wide-ranged and dynamic audio fidelity compressed into an ultra slim form factor.

Get the Definitive Technology MYTHOS XTR-50 Flat Panel Loudspeakers (Black) here.

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