LinnStrument – Roger Linn’s New Musical Concept

Are you interested in new musical instruments that go beyond the limitations of conventional ones? Roger Linn has developed an idea of a new musical instrument that isn’t just capable of making new sounds and playing techniques, but also able to duplicate the sound and virtuosic performance subtleties and capabilities of traditional music instruments devoid of their limitations and problems.
The prototype comes with a multi-touch, pressure-sensitive, high resolution USB touch surface produced by a company named TouchCo. Attached on top of this prototype is a transparent sheet that contains the name of the notes and above it is another sheet with squares cut out to offer tactile feedback of the borders between each note. There will a program that will translate the TouchCo’s proprietary USB messages into TUIO messages transmitted over OSC. Receiving the TUIO/OSC messages is a Max/MSP patch that will convert the x/y/z data into note locations, timbre, pitch, and pressure data synthesizes the sounds.

The said design also employs a fingerboard grid that’s made up of six rows of 24-semitones each, just like that of a guitar. It also contains two thumb control strips, one on every side of the fingerboard. This will be utilized in sustaining fingered notes after release, bowing, strumming, blowing, or restriking. For added expression, a wind sensor is also added. The design aims to be played on the table, using both hands and vertically positioned on your chest, with one hand playing from each side of the instrument.

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