Limited Edition Framed Film Cells

Digital picture frames are among the most sought-after gadget gifts today. It is because unlike the traditional frame, this one can accommodate a good number of pictures and is designed with an LCD screen to display the pictures in a slideshow format. Yes, they can be personalized in so many ways, like if you want only family photos, or baby photos, or your wedding photos on the frame, you can always do so.

But what if you want a frame that displays only your favorite sports icon or your all-time favorite film? You can always download some to the digital picture frame. However, there’s something that is made even better than the digital frame, something really authentic. For photos of sports icons and films, you better choose the Limited Edition Framed Film Cells.

The Limited edition Framed Film Cells are designed mainly for movie enthusiasts and for those who love collecting movie memorabilia. They feature photos of movie stars or popular scenes from the film like from that all-time favorite movie Titanic. But since they are limited edition, of course, you can expect that only a few items are in store for everyone. So, if you really want to mount one of these framed film cells on your wall, better get one fast.

Now, if it isn’t film that you want to display, you can always have the Sports Cell. This comes complete with 35mm cells and 6inx4in images of the sports icon or the star player of the team. And just like the Film Cells, this also comes with a certificate of authenticity, to show everyone that the cells are indeed genuine.

So, let the movie and sports enthusiast in you show inside your home. Get the Limited Edition Framed Film Cells now!

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