Limited Edition 8-Color Glitter AA and AAA Eneloop Rechargeable Battery

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of “eneloop”, Sanyo came up with Limited Edition AA and AAA size “eneloop tones glitter”. These are 8-color nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery packs that promote a lifestyle that greatly values Reusing and Recycling. With “eneloop tones glitter,” users can pick colors according to their preferences. They can even assign a color to determine which battery packs are charged and which ones need to be recharged. The 8 glitter colors for you to choose from are pink, purple, yellow, orange, light blue, black, silver, and light green. These hues are made based on the concept of “Shiny&Lovely.”

To satisfy market demand, these new battery packs are available not just in AA but also in AAA-size, making them applicable for a wide array of equipment. Best is, these battery packs come with Green Power Certification System, which means they are charged by “Green Power” from photovoltaic generation. True, the “eneloop” embodies the concepts of energy and looping from production to performance. Moreover, a portion of the electrical energy used in the production of “eneloop” batteries is generated from renewable energy sources, stored for use when they are needed in batteries, and preserved or utilized efficiently.

The “eneloop” rechargeable batteries are offered in user-friendly and environmentally friendly packaging. They adopted a trendy case with a slide cover. The only material utilized in the packaging of these battery packs is recycled PET, which can also be used as a storage case for the battery. If you need one now, better check out the availability of eneloop batteries at Amazon.

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