LG Network Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Systems

Do you prefer home theater in a box yet also wants Blu-ray and VUDU movies streaming in your HDTV? You need not wait any longer. Though LG has not announced when it will be released, the LHB975 will surely be a great investment for you. This device is at the forefront of LG’s line of Network Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Systems. This sleek and trendy audio-visual solution gives its users access to VUDU, Netflix, YouTube, CinemaNow, Picasa, Pandora, and AccuWeather through Wi-Fi or Ethernet network connectivity.
With LHB 975, you can enjoy a more immersive home entertainment experience as it comes equipped LG’s dome speaker technology that creates dynamic surround-sound experience. It is also offered with two wireless speakers and subwoofer, providing consumers the flexibility to put them anywhere in the room.

Moreover, LHB975 features LG’s 3-channel wireless speaker technology which makes use of digital spread spectrum operation for improved audio performance and better signal quality. It also supports audio format decoding to deliver superior audio performance with technologies like DTS-MD Master Audio Essential and Dolby True HD. LG’s LHB975 also features drawer docking system where iPod and iPhone can be connected directly.

LG LHB975 answers the listening needs of most consumers by accommodating and playing several media contents, including CD/DVDs to Blu-ray Discs as well as network streaming content, all accessible from one home theater system.

Also included in LG’s line of Network Blu-ray Disc products are the BD550 and BD570 players as well as LHB335 and LHB535 home theater systems, which are all outfitted with NetCast Entertainment Access.

You can check out LG Blu-ray home theater systems at Amazon.

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