Let Your Kid Get the Fun Out of Launching His Own Hydrogen Fuel Rocket

Okay, so your kids no longer have fun playing their usual toys. That’s not a problem. With the introduction of different tech toys these days, you can find an educational and more challenging one for your kid. Try looking at some learning systems, or better yet check out computers and netboooks designed for kids. You can also try giving gaming consoles like the PS3 and Nintendo Wii. But, if your kid has a particular interest in Science, space, and rocket ships, then the Hydrogen Fuel Rocket is your perfect bet.

The Hydrogen Fuel Rocket is a toy rocket that is designed to launch like a real rocket only that it reaches only up to 200 feet high. It also has its own command center, the only difference is that it narrates fun hydrogen facts instead of providing centralized command during and after launch. Plus, it is integrated with classic launch countdown, so when your kid plays with it, he’d feel as if he’s launching the real thing which makes it even more exciting. And hey no worries about losing this one! Because after launching, it will sail back to the ground with its unique helicopter receovery system.

So, how does this thing work? First, it requires 6D batteries which you need to buy separately. Then, use simple tap water to act as its hydrogen fuel. It has four launch solution packets that you can fill, enough to give your kid a real fun time playing. Now, to know more how it works, just refer to the instruction booklet included in the package.

It’s really high time you let your kid get the fun out of launching his own rocket. Get the Hydrogen Fuel Rocket now!

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