LED Work Gloves – Convenience and Comfort in One

There is nothing more frustrating than to work in the dark with only one hand. Why? Where’s the other? It’s holding the flashlight to give you that light you need. Instead of finishing the task sooner, you end up perspiring your way through because you are only working with one hand. So, to help you on this dilemma, you need a working gadget that will give you that little extra light, leaving your hands totally free to do all the work – the LED Work Gloves.

The LED Work Gloves are composed of LED lights with four attachment points on each glove. These allow you to focus beams of light on the work you are doing while keeping your two hands free to finish the work. So, whether you are fixing some wires and cables under the hood of your car, or checking some loose parts of your computer in a dim room, you will not at all find a hard time seeing in the dark and finishing the task sooner.

Now, you might wonder, “How comfortable are these LED gloves?” Well, here, you might want to check out these features:

* Ergo-flex designed palm pattern
* Reinforced foam padded palm
* Neoprene cuff with pull tab closure
* Air flow panels in fourchettes
* Micro-textured grip enhancing polymer material, giving you a firm grip on items
* Micro-terrycloth perspiration pad
* Double layered synthetic thumb
* Star stretch fabric so the gloves fit nice and snug
* Come in sizes S-XL

So, how’s that? Convenience and comfort are all yours with these New – Multi-task Gloves with LED Lights -Free Shipping. Get them now!

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