Leaf Aptus-II 10R Boasts Its Internal Rotating Sensor

Medium and large format photographers usually need to alter orientation during a shoot. This is the reason why Leaf Imaging comes up with a digital camera that features internal rotating sensor – Aptus-II 10R. This Leaf baby is great for landscape, architecture, product advertising, and portrait.

With the Aptus-II 10R’s internally rotating sensor, photographers can maintain their camera’s upright position while rapidly shifting orientation. The camera does this without you removing it, shutting it down, or turning it back. It doesn’t just save you time, it also prevents the sensor from being exposed to the elements, thus, avoiding other digital back removal and rotation problems.

The Leaf Aptus-II 10R is equipped with 56 megapixel sensor. Its dimension is 56×36 mm. Whether you choose to take pictures with the camera in your hand, or you want it mounted in on the tripod, you now don’t need to remove the back of the camera to be able to change its orientation. This very feature makes it possible for medium format and large-format shooters to keep the camera in its place and capture moments without any interruption. This is also what makes portraiture photography faster and more seamless.

Aside from answering the common needs of medium and large-format photographers, Aptus-II 10R’s 56MP sensor with internal rotation solution, also takes away the need for an adapter plate. This is exactly what you want to avoid because it just increases up the risk of misalignment which is very crucial in today’s high sensor resolutions, right?

The Leaf Aptus-II 10R is but perfect for professionals because it helps them concentrate on photographic creativity.

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