Lawnmower Scooter

Doing chores has never been fun. I mean all the Barney DVDs and other educational programs tell children that doing chores can be fun by doing some games or songs. We adults on the other hand have grown this much that it would be hard to make fun out of things. Like cutting grass as an example. We hate to do it that we ask our children, our neighbor, or someone to do it for us.

In an effort for us to do the actual chores, you can see in your local hardware store those fuel powered mowers that you can drive. Well yeah, it can certainly cut grass and trim your lawn fast but you definitely look far from looking chic. The solution is a concept design Vicky Petihovski named Lanmower Scooter.

This lawnmower is powered by electricity to run the blades and the scooter itself. To use, you basically have to stand up on the standing surface and drive it using the wheel. There is a collection sack on the front with a transparent window to see when it is full or not.

What the designer basically wants here is a fashionable way to trim your lawn. Nothing wrong with that but something has been missed. What’s bad is that the whole scooter/lawnmower looks like a toy that was taken from Toys R’ Us and would seem to break after a while. Still, you might feel like riding a Vespa around Italy when using this thing.

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