LaCie 2big Network – A Reliable, Attractive Storage Hard Drive

Mac users surely know LaCie. Why? Because this company has long been a trusted provided of reliable hard drives for Macs. Aside from providing its customers with extremely functional products, LaCie also focused in producing hardware that’s aesthetically pleasing. One of which is the LaCie 2big Network.

Designed by Scottish-born yet Paris-based industrial designer named Neil Poulton, the 2big Network delivers reliable and professional central storage for immediate sharing, storing, and backing up from any computer within your network. This file server is jam-packed with amazing features to help you easily manage your small office or home network. The 2big Network takes pride in offering AFP and SMB support which allows you to share files among Linux, Windows, and Mac users. You also have the capability to connect remotely, thanks to its HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS file systems.

With the LaCie 2big Network, choosing your RAID modes can be done easily and instantly via the manual switch situated at the back of the device. IT administrators will also find this product easy to manage since it is equipped with Windows ADS domain support so recreating existing group and user accounts in the Windows domain are no longer needed. For the clients’ convenience, the 2big Network can be switched back to its operating mode so easily. It also features integrated torrent server which makes it easy for you to download big files without turning the computer on.

If you have media files saved in your 2big Network, you can play it on any device that’s UPnP AV compatible or through a Digital Media Adapter like Xbox or PS3. Do you feel the need for this product? At Amazon, LaCie 301421U 2TB 2BIG Network Attached Storage Gigabit Ethernet Hard Drive with 2-Disk RAID is available. You can get this for only $342.84.

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