L5 Remote Turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Universal Remote Control

Have you ever experienced feeling so pissed off because you couldn’t find your TV remote control, thus you are left with no other choice but to switch channels using the buttons on your TV? Or getting really annoyed because your little toddler destroyed your DVD remote so nothing left to do but to get up and press the play button manually? Save yourself from all these troubles next time. If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, you can turn that into a universal remote control by using the L5 Remote.

Designed as a plug-in accessory, the L5 Remote attaches easily to any iPhone or iPod touch so you can use it to control all your entertainment and home automation devices. Simply plug it in, tap a button to download the free app., design your own custom remote, and then assign a signal to each by using your old IR remote. The L5 Remote will analyze this signal and store it to your iPhone or iPod touch. And there you have all your IR remotes in one elegant device.

This accessory is really very convenient. If you have doubts about its usability, well you can give it a try first. Download the free app from your iTunes and then design your custom remote. Once you’ve seen how easy it is, then get this accessory to bring that design to work.

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