Kno Tablet PC – Because Size Matters to Students

Businessmen and working individuals aren’t the only ones who find a tablet pc so important. Even students find it very helpful too. Kno doesn’t ignore that reality so it offers a great solution – Kno Tablet PC. This tablet is aimed for students, so its dimensions are set so that it could easily fit in their bags. It weighs only 5.5 pounds with two 14-inch IPS LCD displays. Founders of this device say that it is designed as such to mimic the look and feel of textbooks.

Kno Tablet PC runs Linux OS and it derives its power from Nvidia Tegra. It offers six to eight hours of battery life. The company says that this tablet pc will support Office Docs and it will come with a virtual keyboard and laptop mode. What will make students appreciate it even more is, it will allow them to make highlights and add sticky notes.

Its home screen will be divided into three tabs – My Apps, My Courses, and My Library. Under the Apps tab, you’ll find notebooks, a browser, an RSS reader, as well as news apps. The company is planning to release the software developers kit to let independent programmers make applications for the device.

On My Courses tab, the features you’ll find are all e-textbooks sorted by semester. The company is even planning to make its own bookstore where students can download textbooks. Kno promises that the e-textbooks they will be offering are cheaper that hardcover versions. Since it isn’t released in the market yet, you better check out other choices of tablet pc at Amazon.

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