Klipsch Introduces Three New Headphones

Comfortable, rugged, and affordable – these three adjectives describe the three newest lines of headphone from Klipsch. All three are designed to provide superior sound and high-quality noise isolation feature, all while maintaining optimum comfort as you listen.

The first of the three is the Image One, the first on-ear type of headphone from Klipsch. The device features a pivoting earcup made from leather and high-density memory foam, materials and construction that ensure utmost listening comfort. The earphone is designed to block out noise and provide clear, quality sound. It also features a mic and a three-button remote that will allow you to control your music and receive calls easily. The second is the Image S5i Rugged, an earphone designed for on-the-go individuals who thrive in outdoor activities. Like the Image One, it also features a mic and three-button remote, with the added feature on the remote of being oversized and resistant to moisture. Added to high-quality calls and music, this device also features voice control on some Apple products. It also comes with three pairs of different-sized ear tips. Lastly, the Image S3 can accommodate all devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It also comes in different appealing colors for you to choose from: gun metal gray, red, pink, or green. All earphones are offered with a case for storage, with the case for the S5i Rugged featuring a built-in flashlight and removable belt clip.

These newest Klipsch headphones will be released in October and November. Right now, you can check out other Klipsch headphones at Amazon while waiting for these new releases.

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