Kiwi U-Powered USB Portable Solar Charger: Power on the Go!

Tough on your mobile devices? If you are, there’s a great chance you’re always running out of power especially when you’re outdoors or traveling. The solution to your problem is now here: the Kiwi U-Powered USB Portable Solar Charger!

This Kiwi charger is special in many ways. For one, it can charge a wide array of devices while you’re on the go—all thanks to its 2000mAh battery. Another reason is that it can also be charged in different ways: via a USB port, through an AC adapter, with the help of the accessory outlet in your vehicle, or simply by exposing it to the sun. The charger is of the solar type. It’s very environment-friendly, equipped with three blades incorporated with solar panels that enable it to store energy from the sun’s rays. This charger is also very portable. You can carry it with you anywhere you go because of its small size, and it has a magnetic backing that allows it to easily stick to metal surfaces for easy charging of your devices.

The said charger is a truly powerful gadget. It features more than a thousand recharge life cycles, lasting up to half a decade long all in all. And when the device is fully charged (note: it takes four hours to charge the device full through the USB or AC adapter), the charge can last for half a year. And, you can get all that power for as low as $49.99. With this Kiwi U-Powered USB Portable Solar Charger, you can say goodbye to your charging problems. You can also enjoy power on the go with a similar USB portable solar charger at Amazon.

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