Keep Your Phones Close and Zomm Wireless Leash Closer

Here is an interesting story – a student returning from a school trip arrived at his dorm finding that it is one XBOX 360 less. However, the thief unwittingly left the wireless controller and as if as an act of kindness from some benevolent deity – the controller was still connected to the main console! In Sherlock Holmes like fashion, the student homed into the 360 by taking avenge of the controller’s 30 foot range. By using the wireless controller as a homing device, the student got his gaming console back at another student’s dorm room.

Not everyone is as lucky, especially mobile phone users. Stolen or missing mobile phones constitutes to about half of the street crimes. Why risk the nightmare when there’s a Zomm? This miniature device is a wireless leash and a locator for Bluetooth enabled phones. Zomm gives alerts whenever you accidentally leave your mobile phone behind or you stay way too much from your phone. This keyring also features a unique call notification. When your mobile phone is out of immediate sight, it will vibrate, flash its LED lights and provide a sound alert for incoming calls just to get your attention. Never miss a call whenever you’re in a gym, work or noisy environment. With a press of a button, Zomm easily transforms into a speaker phone. In case of emergencies, Zomm can sound an ear piercing panic alarm or call for emergency assistance using the speaker phone feature.

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