Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard: Bringing Improved Laptop Functionality into Your iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices

Laptops are great PC substitutes, but they still don’t meet the demands of some consumers who are looking for improved portability paired with the functional features of laptops. It is probably this gap that Cervantes Mobile aims to bridge as it introduces the Jorno Bluetooth keyboard.

This device is a keyboard designed for use with your small gadgets like iPads and iPhones so that you can perform laptop- and PC-oriented activities in your compact gadgets. This keyboard will allow you to type, send emails, update your sites, and do a whole lot more right from your iPhones—anytime and anywhere! The said keyboard is similar in size to a standard keyboard, so you won’t have any problem fumbling with the keys. When not in use, however, you can fold the keyboard to make it fit your bag or even your pocket. Despite being foldable, you don’t have to worry because it remains firm when in use—it won’t fold down even if you place it in an irregular surface while you type. There’s also no wire to put up with because it makes use of Bluetooth technology. Just pair it up with your gadget and type away! Lastly, it has a detachable cradle that can hold your gadget in two different positions: portrait and landscape. So, you get utmost convenience as you do your work.

The Jorno Bluetooth keyboard is not yet in the market as it will be offered next year. Pre-order is available now, however, and is ideal if you want discounts. If you want to check other comparable devices, you’ll find a similar Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone at Amazon.

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