Joby’s Gorilla Torch Switchback

Joby is well known for producing popular photo and video accessories. But with the introduction of the Gorilla Torch Switchback, it seems like this company is becoming more and more active in the field of flashlights. The Switchback model is the newest addition Joby’s Gorillatorch Series. It can be used as a standard flashlight or as a headlamp, if needed. It is built around a CREE XLamp XP-G LED spotlight engine. This torch includes two white LEDs and two red ones for night vision. The spotlight can extend up to 60 feet.

You sure will be impressed by the level of brightness the Gorilla Torch Switchback can produce. Such brightness ranges from a minimum of five lumen and maximum of 130 lumen, while the beam distance gets to a distance of up to 23 meters. The Switchback derives its power from its 2 AA batteries that are capable of delivering an estimated functioning time of up to 72 hours, although using the torch at its best possible brightness will reduce the battery’s life span.

When it comes to the gadget’s physical features, switchback comes with a comfortable strap so you can attach it to you forehead. You can choose to place the torch inside the lantern which sits on the company’s legendary tripod legs. The said legs allow you to attach the Switchback to almost anything. Since it has magnetic feet, it can stick into any object without leaving scratches. So if you’re now trying to complete your gear for the travel and camping season, better get a Joby Gorillatorch Switchback today.

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