JBL On Time Micro

Buying an iPod? Here are some things that you need to do. First, you need to find a good bargain for an iPod. This is important since an iPod is an expensive music player as compared to some cheap chinese knock offs you see on eBay. Once you have in your hand the shopping bag fresh from the outlet where you bought your music player, you need protection. I mean protection from scratches and what not that might harm you new baby. A screen protector and a silicone case would do the job; but spending doesn’t end there.

As you use your iPod you tend to make your life go around it. You now feel that waking up with your cellphone or a regular alarm clock isn’t the kind of routine that you want. You now tell to yourself that you love music anyway and needs a speaker that has radio, clock, and of course iPod compatible. If you’re on that stage right now (which many of you is undergoing), the JBL On Time Micro is a good thing to buy.

The main thing here is the large clock display on the front. It also has seven independent alarms to wake you up at different intervals if you sleep like a bear. You can even have this play radio both AM/FM as the alarm tone or choose from a playlist of yours. Imagine waking up to some perky song such as Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall. As a speaker, it has 2.6watts of power that is very sufficient for sure. Plus, there is a remote so you can change tracks, increase volume, etc. even while a few feet away.

Another is the JBL On Stage Micro, see it here.

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