Irregular IQ Cube – See If You Can Solve It

Tech toys are everywhere, from RC planes and cars up to gaming consoles and interactive toys. The choices are actually endless, so when you want your kids to have total fun and entertainment, then think about investing in one. However, if you are slightly low on budget, you can always rely on educational toys that are fun and entertaining at the same time. Puzzles, for one, are both amusing and educational for kids. If your kid loves solving puzzles, then here’s a toy that he’ll surely love. See if he can solve this Irregular IQ Cube.

The Irregular IQ Cube is not like the ordinary cube toy, which features vertical and horizontal cuts in the cube shape. This one has now two new vertical slices, giving your kid more rotations to explore and patterns to unveil. But wait! The Irregular IQ Cube is not only designed for kids, but adults too! Although it’s an excellent learning tool for children, adults can also use this to stimulate their brain. So see if you can also solve this little mind-boggling puzzle that your kid loves playing. Every turn you make can get you more confused than ever. So you need logic and reason to solve this little puzzle. And patience too! You see, if you don’t have patience, you will not be able to solve even one side of this puzzle.

The Irregular IQ Cube costs only $9.99. Buy one now and see if you and your kid can solve it!

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