Ironkey Personal S200 8G

Flash drives have variety of uses. One, you can use it to save word, excel, and Powerpoint files to be used during presentations. And two, you can use it to store photos, videos, and music for easy transfer to other gadgets later. Think about it, what would you do if you don’t have flash drives with you? Or if you have, what would you do to protect the files and other data that you store in it? It could be very annoying if you find out later that some of your files are missing, and worse if the entire flash drive is missing, with your important files stored in it. So to prevent this from happening, you should get a flash drive that self-destructs in 10 seconds like the Ironkey Personal S200 8G.

Designed with a hardware encryption chip that scrambles the data to become completely uncreadable without the password, the Ironkey Personal S200 8G is your perfect data storage device, built to withstand both virtual and physical attacks. If by chance you misplace it, lost it, or somebody stole it from you, you’ll have that peace of mind that the culprit will not be able to access your important files. Why is that so? Because the encryption chip included in the device self-destructs with 10 incorrect password attempts, making your files completely unreadable. So there’s nothing to worry.

For a price starting from $152.43, you can get protection and peace of mind with this amazing device. Buy the Personal S200 8G only at now!

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