iriver Story – iriver’s First Shot at Making an Electronic Book Reader

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give your friend or loved one who happens to be a bookworm, then why not consider getting an electronic book reader? It’s a handheld device that can store thousands of books for more reading convenience. No need to give your friend or loved one a separate book each time an important occasion comes. With an ebook reader, you can already give thousands in one occasion for his/her reading pleasure. However, since there are so many versions of electronic book readers, you might get confused as to which one to choose. Well, why not take a look at this new offering from iriver? It’s called the iriver Story.
If you are familiar with the name, iriver is actually a brand of ReignCom, which is a manufacturer of digital audio players. Now, the brand is taking its first shot at making an electronic book reader by the name of iriver Story. Last January, it was announced in Las Vegas that the device will be shipped to US retailers before the month ends.

The iriver Story is a 0.36-inch thick ebook reader packed with features like an integrated MP3 player, 6-inch e-ink display, 2GB built-in memory, expandable memory, USB 2.0 connectivity, and battery that can last up to 9,000 page turns. This will be great for any reading session paired with a little music on the side.

So, why don’t you get this iriver Story for your friend or loved one? For sure it’ll be the best perfect gift he/she will receive.

Not into iriver? Well, you can always check out other electronic book readers at Feel free to browse the site.

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