IPod EQ Sound Bar: Cool Music, Cool Looks

Seldom do we see gadgets that look as well as they perform. Most often, we’d have to put up with one or the other. The new iPod EQ sound bar bridges the gap by giving us the best of both, and even more!

This sound bar is an iPod and iPhone docking station turned speaker. When you dock your gadget into it, it automatically charges the device. And when you turn it on, you can expect high-quality sounds that only a few can beat. It’s got great bass and clear definition, delivered to your optimum enjoyment with the double 12-watt speakers. It also features a graphic equalizer that will move to the beat of your music. The sound bar is remote-controlled, so using it is easy. Other than that, it can accommodate MP3 players and other music gadgets with its line-in socket. Pair all these off with the sound bar’s stylish aluminum top and you’re all set for great fun! Additionally, this device is not only a plain docking station and speaker; it is also incorporated with an alarm clock and a radio. The clock is not just any ordinary alarm clock. It can wake you up with the music from the built-in radio or with the music on your iPod—you choose!

The iPod EQ sound bar is a cool gadget that will give you cool benefits. It measures 41 x 37 x 54 cm and is great for people 8 years old and above. If you’re looking for something cool, this is one gadget to try.

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